An X-number, or “DATA-waived,” registration allows providers holding the registration to avoid U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration requirements for narcotic treatment programs.  A health care provider that possesses an unneeded X-number registration creates unnecessary regulatory burdens for the provider’s practice.  Specifically, the DEA periodically makes unannounced site visits of all x-number registration holders.  Even though the site visit is based on the holding of the X-number registration, the visit will involve a review of compliance with all DEA registration requirements (i.e. inventory, record, and security obligations).  Such a visit can be, at the least, temporarily disruptive to a practice because practice personnel will need to work with DEA investigators to provide requested information.  Importantly, in cases where a health care provider does not perform narcotic maintenance or detoxification treatment, an X-number registration should not be required regardless of the narcotics prescribed by the health care provider.  Accordingly, a careful review of a provider’s scope of practice and controlled substance registration requirements, and surrender of unneeded X-number registrations, may help reduce the likelihood of a potentially disruptive DEA site visit.  Of course, X-number registration status does not impact DEA’s authority to investigate and enforce compliance with regulations for other DEA registrations.