The world of animal health is constantly changing, and animal health companies must stay on top of regulatory changes to have a successful license.  Michael Annis and I recently presented on what an animal health company needs to manage when considering an in-license or an out-license and the regulatory impact on a licensing strategy.  In our presentation, we considered these questions:

  1. Are you positioned correctly for a licensing deal?  Do you understanding how the regulatory landscape will impact a license?
  2. What are key licensing terms and the implications of those terms?
  3. What are the negotiation pitfalls to be aware of?  How do you avoid them when negotiating a license?

Licenses can be valuable tools for animal health companies to move assets to market.  However, there are many considerations when entering a license, and the focus should generally be on the long-term partnership.  Further, these agreements are difficult to negotiate and the smaller company often gets “out gunned” by the bigger player.  Companies should use their resources to avoid these situations.

To view our PowerPoint slides from this presentation, click here.  To view a recording of the presentation, click here.