Husch Blackwell is pleased to announce that it has achieved the Mansfield Certification Plus designation for 2019.

To receive Mansfield Certification, law firms must consider at least 30 percent women, attorneys of color or LGBTQ attorneys for 70 percent or more of the firm’s leadership positions. Additionally, the firm was also awarded a “Plus” designation based on its reaching a 30-percent threshold of underrepresented groups in leadership roles. The certification program is operated by Diversity Lab, an entity that verifies law firm hiring practices across the U.S. for diversity and inclusion efforts.

The certification represents a point of emphasis for Husch Blackwell and puts metrics into place to make sure we’re considering underrepresented groups for leadership.

Diversity Lab launched its Mansfield Certification program two years ago, certifying its first class of law firms in 2018. The program’s goal is to achieve higher levels of representation for more diversity in leadership positions in the legal profession. The program is named after Arabella Mansfield, the first woman admitted to practice law in the United States in 1869.

Husch Blackwell is very excited to reach this certification, as it assures that we are affirmatively looking for opportunities for women, attorneys of color and LGBTQ attorneys. We are making progress, but there is still much to accomplish.

As a next step, the firm will seek Mansfield 3.0 Certification, which entails adding those with disabilities to the candidate list for various leadership positions. In addition, the firm will continue to track and apply these Mansfield standards for all of its administrative candidates for director positions and higher.