Welcome to an inspiring conversation on how story can help us reconnect with mission, staff and communities. As hospices face unprecedented staffing shortages and a burnt-out workforce, a key to thriving may be to re-engage with our human essence, which can be found through story. Today’s guest, Dr. Bertice Berry, PhD, explains humans are hardwired for story—it is how we connect, reflect and grow. So how do we use storytelling as a leadership tool? The Institute for Story’s upcoming conference on Advancing the Science of Story and Storytelling intends to help leaders do just that.

Today, Husch Blackwell’s Meg Pekarske has the great pleasure to be joined by two of the founders of the Institute for Story, Jamey Espina and Dr. Berry, who is also a best-selling author and top change management speaker, along with Hospice Savannah CEO, Dr. Kathleen Benton, DrPH, MA, who has found success in using story as a leadership and engagement tool. Their lively discussion explores the role story can play in connecting to ourselves and others, and how it may be a superpower when leading and supporting communities through difficulty. We believe this is a life-affirming and energizing conversation, and we hope you enjoy it! Happy listening: https://bit.ly/3tFa45t