National Home Infusion Association

Husch Blackwell's Wakaba Tessier and Renee Zerbonia and ARJ Infusion Services Edie GigotThis year’s National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) conference kicked off with the 2nd Annual Sterile Compounding Forum. The well-attended track provided an overview of the state of sterile compounding, insight into the most common citations confronting sterile compounders, considerations for compliance and risks relating to compounding, background on how states and the FDA are implementing rules and regulations, including those involved in the delivery of home infusion products.

We are pleased to sponsor the NHIA conference and participate in the following activities: Continue Reading NHIA 2019 Annual Conference

If you happen to miss our NHIA Talk Infusion Webinar on Compliance and Risk Considerations for Compounding Pharmacies, please click on the link to enjoy a free on-demand recording.

Our program guides you through the current landscape and common compliance concerns in compounding. We will help you understand the focus of FDA and state boards of pharmacy, including the areas of greatest risk and how to protect your business. You will also learn how to respond to an FDA inspection regarding a variety of areas, from onsite triage to handling requests for records and remediation.

Presenters include:

Bruce Ball, CEO, Britton Gallagher

Greg Rockers, Managing Director, Williamson Rockers Group

Wakaba Y. Tessier, Partner, Husch Blackwell

Brian Williamson, Managing Director, Williamson Rockers Group

Renee Zerbonia, Attorney, Husch Blackwell

For more information on compliance and risks associated with compounding pharmacies, please contact a member of the Husch Blackwell Pharmacy Team.