A recent Washington Post blog entry discussed an effort by Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center in Massachusetts to end preventable harm in its hospital by 2012.  According to the blog, the recently released results of that effort included small changes such as having patients wear socks with treads that could prevent falls.  The author also noted that the hospital saw its rates of ventilator-associated pneumonia–caused by bacteria in the breathing tube–drop by 90 percent after it began implementing some small changes such as brushing patients’ teeth daily.  To read the blog entry, click here.

Our Insight.  Your Advantage.  Husch Blackwell attorneys strive to give more than just high quality legal advice; we look for ways our clients can save money and provide better service.  When we come across good ideas, regardless of where they originate, we think our clients should know about them.  If socks with treads on them can reduce falls, thus reducing possible unreimbursed costs and litigation, we want our clients to know about this simple, cost effective measure.