Who can’t conjure up an image of Jack Nicholson in his hospital gown in “Something’s Gotta Give?”  Jack and every other hospital patient will be happy to know that renowned designer Diane von Furstenberg has solved their hospital gown problems.

Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Toby Cosgrove asked von Furstenberg to design a modern hospital gown. After several years and various prototypes, von Furstenberg and Cosgrove recently revealed the final product at the hospital’s “Ideas for Tomorrow” conference.  The designers considered all aspects of the gown including color, fabric, and functionality.  The color-coded wrap design has pockets and places to store medical devices while keeping the patient fully covered.

Our Insight.  Your Advantage.  While the new design adds functionality to the hospital gowns, it also improves patient experience and provides added comfort and, according to von Furstenberg, returns a bit of dignity to a hospital stay.  This is one more indicator that hospitals and other healthcare facilities continue to take a more patient-centric approach.  While patient outcomes will always be an important indicator of a hopital’s quality, the importance of patient satisfaction continues to increase and facilities that want to provide the best service will focus on ways to improve the patient’s experience.

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