Are healthcare providers at your facility texting patient information to each other?  This type of communication is becoming more and more common, but such text messages are often in violation of HIPAA.  To address this issue, Sprint announced last week that it is now offering two texting products that provide the proper security for PHI as required by HIPAA.   

To provide this service, Sprint has partnered with TigerText, a privately held provider of secure text messaging services.  Sprint is offering two levels of service.  The basic service is only available to Sprint customers, but is less expensive and is aimed at companies that want to support internal text messaging between clinicians.  The more advanced service works across platforms and carriers.

With either service, messages are sent through a secure server after users download an app on their phone.

Our Insight.  Your Advantage.  Our extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry allows us to recognize when new technology may help our clients provide better care at less cost. But we also identify and address legal issues that may arise with use of new technology tools.  For example, e-communications technology has profound compliance and risk repercussions for covered entities and business associates under HIPAA/HITECH and also for Meaningful Use.  If you are evaluating specific changes in your e-communications systems, or if you are planning to conduct an overall HIPAA Security Rule risk assessment, we can help.