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James advises clients on a broad range of civil litigation matters before federal and state courts. He has particular experience with large public companies in a diverse array of industries, such as communications and mass media, consumer goods, credit reporting, healthcare and forestry.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer worked diligently to develop safe and effective vaccines. Following the FDA’s approval of these vaccines, many state governments and private employers—including those in the educational and medical fields—implemented policies requiring certain individuals obtain them. Some individuals subject to these policies have been challenging them in court ever since under a variety of constitutional and statutory arguments, largely without success. These cases typically alleged that government mandates violated the right to bodily integrity under the Fourteenth Amendment and that private employer mandates violated laws that prohibit discrimination based on disability and/or religious beliefs.Continue Reading Wash. Federal Judge Pokes Hole in New Wave of Vaccine Mandate Challenges