Photo of Michael Nolan

A seasoned healthcare litigator, Mike has a long history of fiercely advocating for and defending others.

Mike represents Fortune 500 and privately held companies including pharmacies, home health service companies, physicians and pharmaceutical corporations in a range of litigation matters in federal and state courts and in arbitration proceedings across the nation. He has also briefed and argued cases in the Missouri Court of Appeals.

Plaintiffs often disclose medical experts to opine not only as to the diagnosis or prognosis of an injury or medical condition, but also as to whether the defendant’s actions caused plaintiff’s alleged injury/condition. In the usual course of treatment, physicians often focus simply on the diagnosis a patient’s injury/condition, rather than on what caused it. Thus, when medical records contain statements regarding causation, those statements typically derive solely from a patient’s own subjective statements. It is therefore important to distinguish between a patient’s subjective causation statements and objective medical evidence.