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An experienced litigator, Tanya offers guidance to numerous healthcare clients, including healthcare providers, pharmacy benefit managers, nursing homes, practitioners, and surgery centers. She has represented clients in contractual disputes, business torts, consumer fraud disputes, and injunctive proceedings, and she manages the day-to-day operations of complex cases and all aspects of discovery, including eDiscovery.

Many long-term care residents live in Missouri nursing homes for years. But occasionally circumstances may change such that it is no longer appropriate for the resident to continue to reside at the facility. In certain cases, nursing homes may discharge or transfer a resident even if the resident does not consent to the discharge or transfer – this is known as an “involuntary discharge” or an “involuntary transfer.” In this case, the resident has the right to appeal the involuntary discharge or transfer.Continue Reading Avoiding the Pitfalls of Involuntary Nursing Home Discharges/Transfers in Missouri